Friday, June 18, 2010

Stick a Fork in Me

Hello noone,

I have come to the conclusion that my writing is not good enough to be out there for the world to potentially see. Thus, I will be suspending this blog until further notice.

It is fun to blog but if I want to be a real writer one day I think I need to focus on developing my skills.

It's been real,


Sunday, April 25, 2010

Too Busy To Blog

I am transitioning from the food service industry to the legal realm in the next few weeks and things are nuts. This happened not a moment too soon because waiting on people is the most stressful, tiring job in the world and I am thisclose to punching somebody out. I now understand why most of the people in the restaurant industry are serious alcoholics. All I think all day is "I need a drink." Actually, it is quite similar to the two weeks before law school exams. Hmm.

I have been dining out a lot lately and (I know this is very controversial) must say that Boucherie is damn good. I know that everyone knows about this place and how awesome it is, but I have been going since the beginning and I am happy to say that they have really gotten into quite a groove. Every single item for sale at this establishment has had much time, love, and thought put into it and it shows. There is no pretension, nothing unnecessary - just great food, wine, and cocktails prepared by people who take pride in their work. When you go, get the gnocchi special if they have it and the dessert sampler. And make a reservation or get there right at six when you will have a chance to snag a spot at the tiny bar or the tables on the porch.

 Chargrilled oysters from One.

Speaking of gnocchi, the heavenly version at One Restaurant & Lounge is back on the menu. And perfect timing because One just so happens to be running an amazing happy hour special. Half price on all appetizers and specialty cocktails (Mon thru Thurs 5 to 7). Gnocchi, chargrilled oysters, crabcakes, for around 5 bucks people! This is the deal of the century and a gift from the highest. I haven't a clue why this place is never busy because the food, the drink, the setting and the service are all fantastic.

French 75 (made with cognac) at Luke. The cocktail is my new favorite drink; the burger and fries were perfect. Nonetheless, the overall experience only reinforced my prejudiced view that the best food in New Orleans is found in my 'hood. And no, I don't feel like elaborating on that. The fans were too loud.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Camera First, Then Fork

Here is a cool New York Times article for you to read about the newest food trend.

And here is another one with a few tips on taking pictures of your food. I do it a lot and I like it. I feel weird in restaurants doing it. It doesn't stop me.

Send in any cool pictures of food you may have taken and I'll post them. Pretty please with a cherry on top. 

                                  Happy (belated) Easter!